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Eureka Springs Massage Therapist Heather Huber

Heather is currently not accepting clientele due to concerns about COVID.

Heather Huber is a 1999 graduate of the White River School of Massage in Fayetteville, Arkansas. She is currently licensed as a Master Massage Therapist by the State of Arkansas. She also holds a B.A. in liberal arts from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.

Heather has practiced massage in a variety of settings, giving her a wide range of experience and aptitudes. She employs her favorites here at Eureka Massage Center.

Heather's current love is Thai Massage. She traveled to Thailand twice in recent years to gain authentic Thai Massage experience. Most notably, she studied in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Shivakagomarpaj School of Traditional Thai Medicine. Heather performs this modality Thai-style: on a mat on the floor while you are dressed. There is no oil used as the massage incorporates pressing, kneading and stretching rather than Swedish-style effleurage and rubbing. In America, Thai Massage is often called Yoga Massage because it feels like having yoga done to you. Thai is available by appointment with Heather. The 90-minute session is $90.

She formerly worked at an athletic gym in Vermont which specialized in deep tissue and sports massage where she became accustomed to massaging athletes and body builders. For this type of focused, targeted-issue massage, Eureka Massage Center offers the 60-minute Tension Tamer for $65.

She has worked at several resort hotels which specialized in hour-long relaxation spa treatments such as salt scrubs, mud wraps, and six-step face massage. She maintains an extensive product line and is happy to book these spa services upon request.

The Salt Scrub is an exfoliating mineral salt and algae scrub treatment, shower and moisturizing mini-massage. Allow 60 minutes for this $55 service.

The Mud Wrap is a detoxifying mud application, shower and moisturizing mini-massage. Allow 60 minutes for this $55 service.

The six-step face massage is comprised of hot herbal compresses, facial massage and a series of products which vary seasonally and based on complexion. These may include: cleanser, scrub/buffer, clay mask, honey mask, toner/astringent, balm, gel, and finishing cream. Allow 60 minutes for this $70 service.

Available Upon Request...

  • Thai Massage - 90 minutes - $90
  • Salt Scrub - 60 minutes - $55
  • Mud Wrap - 60 minutes - $55
  • One-Hour Face Massage - 60 minutes - $70